So I have two points on which to talk about preparation and motivation.  The first is something I came across that I thought I would share as it is super cool (and because as of last night and seeing a friend’s new iphone I am seriously considering a switch in phone carriers).  If I hadn’t been convinced before that Apple iphones have an “app” for everything and every need, I am now.  I discovered while searching through the Mind Body Blog this morning a new application the company has created with iphone called YogaNOW which for $1.99 will utilize the phone’s gps system to find the nearest yoga class to wherever your current location is.  Now that is a no excuse, easy access form of preparedness.  IF I decide to go the iphone route I am definitely going to spend the two bucks for that application.

On a more personal note I have been attempting to make my yoga practice as equally accessible and excuse-proof as possible and in that attempt I ordered four yoga dvds from “Power Yoga: Total Body Workout” by Rodney Yee, “Yoga Journal: Baron Baptiste’s Foundations of Power Vinyasa Yoga”, “Shiva Rea: Fluid Power: Vinyasa Flow Yoga”, and “Yoga Journal: Sean Corn-Yoga From the Heart”. 

I thought that making yoga  more accessible to myself would help ease me into a daily practice and I hope that it will over time but I have found that unlike a kickboxing or aerobic-rooted exercise video that motivates through adrenaline that, for me, as yoga is such an intimate and personal kind of practice I find I have to get in a more meditative mindset before even beginning the yoga videos.  When I don’t I feel a sense of disconnect and almost loneliness, like I am getting the instruction of a yoga class but missing out on the palpable sense of collective experience and energy that pulsates within a yoga class environment.  I find myself getting fidgety and loose with my practice, taking breaks in the middle of postures, and being all around floppy…to describe it best. 

Perhaps another stab this evening…to un-floppy my mind and center my heart in the practice.  That felt like a very “yoga” thing to say–minus the floppy.