Today we had a visit from the clinical head of my region’s programming at work and I had the most interesting “year in review” type of interview.  The experience inspired me to consider my own long term dreams and daydreams a little more closely.  He asked very creative programming questions like what theorist or therapeutic framework did I work with more than others and who did I really admire within the field of study. 

My favorite question he asked was if I were “Queen” of my agency what would I do?  My reply was, “Impliment alternative and holistic practices in centers nationwide as well as studies of each program to collect massive national data so no one can continue to say there is no empirical proof this ‘stuff’ works…and of course funding, funding, funding.” 




Now while this encompasses my dream where I am today were I to dream big I would have to say my ultimate goal would be able to create nationwide nonprofit centers for holistic treatment.  Each center would provide an array of holistic treatment for clients needing mental health, attending to mind, body, and soul.  Each center would house the following (for starters): psychotherapy, yoga, creative arts programs, reflexology, massage, and a small animal farm out back equipped for animal-assisted therapy to include at least dog and equine therapy. 




In the arena of Therapist Authors…

…To be as prolific, poetic, and therapeutically qualified as  Irvin Yalom or Mary Pipher.


In the arena of Trauma Therapist Yogis…

 …To to be as eloquent, empirical-minded, and yogically inclined as Bessel van der Kolk.


In the arena of Body-Oriented Therapists…

 …To be as adeptly empathetic and intuitive as Pat Ogden or Peter Levine.


In the Yogic arena…

 …To be as centered, soothing  and inspiring in and out of the “classroom” as Sean Corne and Shiva Rea.



I hope this dream list inspires you to think about what your ultimate hopes would entail and how far your imagination could take you.  Someone told me the other day, and re-reminded me, that what happens in our life is what we make happen for ourselves.  If we aren’t proactive advocates for our own lives than who will be?  And as a therapist and social worker I ask myself if I cannot dream big, hope to heights, and be constantly inspired for myself in my own life how could I ever hope to do it effectively and authentically for my clients?

Please feel free to comment with some of your dreams and inspirations!