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Grace at Graceful Yoga & Simplicity passed along this tribute to dance through the image and logo above and I am paying it forward, as it were. 


The idea of “AbunDance” made me think about the power of all movement therapies, yoga being one form of these healing arts but one in a kaleidoscope of motion.  Dance Therapy, Movement Therapy, and Expressive Art Therapy are all beautifully expressive forms of moving art and powerful tools for healing. 


There are even hybrid forms of therapy that include yoga and dance: YogaDance and Yoga Meets Dance trainings (also being discussed over on Grace’s comments page).  Another, slightly pricey program I came across in my recent search for other movement therapy resources is a program calledTampala Institute which seems to have an excellent protocol for movement and arts therapy.   And there are traditionally educated Dance and Movement Therapy masters degrees such as the one at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. 


I was having a conversation with a friend the other day who has an extensive background in dance and is currently in school for social work who is grappling with the best way to integrate the powers of dance to heal with her academic background and the gamut of social work experience she is garnering. 


I know, for myself, that although my academic background was so useful it also made me a little bit myopic; unable to see outside of the box that had been created for me through decades of research geared to talk therapy and nothing beyond that.  My instincts always cried out for alternate ways of healing.  I had such personal healing through other modalities: writing, music, yoga.  In some ways I had to move beyond my educational background to see the vast landscape of healing and follow what my gut and my heart was telling me to pursue. 


I got an amazing email from a student entering the masters program at my Alma mater (New York University) the other day that made me well with inspiration and hope.  She had seen the article NYU’s School of Social Work had written on my work with creative therapies and yoga for trauma which apparently is on their homepage at present. 


 She said she had read my interview and been inspired as she had worked in theatre for almost two decades and was hoping to bring her background to this career change.  She spoke about wanting to implement holistic treatment programs and measuring the outcomes.  She told me that reading about my work inspired her in her goals with holistic treatments.  The email and her passionate sentiments meant everything to me.   


My intention with all of this blog/website cyber experiment of shouting into the oblivion is to try to let people know about this work and to share my experience on my own (w)holistic journey.   To hear that there was someone else out there in this oblivion with the same passionate intention and that something I had done had given her hope was, for me, more than I could have asked for. 


And so maybe we each “Pay it forward” in our own way.  Every blog does this by giving voice to something that is both personal and universal; a single human experience expounded upon.  Every personal passion can become infectious, and often in surprising ways. 


Movement therapies can help people dance through their darkness and into their own light.  I believe this completely and the more I talk about it the more people I stumble across with the experience of mind/body healing.  And the more I explore this cyber universe the more I find people with passions like my own.  All of these things and steps on my journey give me hope that even if I am shouting into an abyss, occasionally someone else will shout back.


“Dance is a song of the body.  Either of joy or pain.”

                                                                                                                                                           Martha Graham



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Photo from flickr (alestaliero).