Nadine Fawell’s blog is a lovely read and always a pleasure to peruse.  I was over there today and she had her patented weekly “Happy List” and as I feel I am in need of a “things to be grateful for” reminder I decided to follow suit.  With belly pain still churning it’s little dance and a lovely combination of pain medication induced nausea, dizziness, and trembling surging through me like vomitous electricity I definitely need to take account of my blessings as a self-pity inoculation.  Here goes my attempt at this exercise:

1) An amazing dinner with two dear friends on Monday night with a view of the Mystic River (first night of my training for work).

2) Hotel bed linenswhich feel decadent and luxurious especially after living in moving chaos at home & fortuitous due to being so ill the past few days.

3) Loving friends and family who rally and support me through my pain days.

4) Excitement over tomorrow’s beginning of the Florida adventure to begin with an insane drive to Florida after I drive back to New Jersey from training. 

5) Hilarious picturemy husband sent me of our beagle/pug Gaia guarding the fort.

Beware of Dog

6) Writing, writing, writing: finally having a routine outlet for creative expression through this blog has been amazingly rejuvenating.

7) Kindness.  Finding unexpected kindnesses in all sorts of places.

8) Seltzer water.  I love the fizzy bubbles on my tongue from carbonated beverages and seltzer is a soothing way to get a little fix without going for full on sodas which seem to be contraindicated for my cramping pains. 

9) Discovery of Blogher (Community for women who blog) with a great wealth of blogging resources.

10) Wonderful experience of being able to have great email contact and comment correspondence with some wonderfully friendly, kind, and supportive fellow bloggers: Nadine Fawell,Blisschick, Everything Yoga, Graceful Yoga & Simplicity, EcoYogini, and others.


This practice has actually been exactly the right kind of treatment for my melancholy today.  Give it a try.  Thank you Nadine for giving me a sprinkling of writing therapy into my day!