I am sick.  I burnt the Candle (not the posture but rather my lifeline) at both ends and ended up pretty burnt out, a day off of work to recoup, and hoping tonight and tomorrow bring enough energy to get what needs to be done with yoga school done–this is no time to get behind now heading into the 1/3 mark of the program!

So how do I stay present, centered, grounded and not curmudgenly when the present is all  headaches and sinus pressure?  No, really, how?  I am sorting through this one and my favorite word of this blog seems to pop back up–perspective.  I need to take what is for what it is without spinning out in frustration.  I have to modify my do-five-things-at-once and collapse motto that I have been living by to get through two jobs and yoga school down to doing what needs to be done and giving myself room to breathe in between. 

MY TOP 5YOGA SCHOOL TIPS (for me &  for anyone else for whom this might apply):

1) Sleep, sleep, sleep.  Whenever you have a free minute give yourself a break and a rest.

2) If you have a low immune system take lots of Airborne!

3)  As my yoga teacher says “Attitude, attitude, attitude.”  It’s all about the attitude.

4) Keep a balance–yoga school, work, home.  And ease up the reins on each one–don’t expect perfection when juggling life tasks (or at any other time).

5) Sleep! Rest! Relaxation!  And so I am going to go lay down again although everything in my brain is saying get more stuff done!