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I am a psychotherapist social worker dedicated to helping trauma survivors heal.  I am currently working as a trauma therapist in Florida; having recently relocated from New Jersey where I did the same.  I am passionate about my work and exploring the frontiers of treatment and healing for my clients. 

I am an advocate for the exploration of holistic healing methods, creative and movement arts therapies, and a multitude of complementary therapies for the treatment of emotional trauma.  I believe there are so many methods to finding healing.  Some may include talk but also will push the borders of all sensory experience.  Movement to access the body, creative arts to access points in the mind, animal based therapies to relearn trust, intimacy and loving.  And all therapies in working towards healing will touch on, gently and carefully, the emotional pain and fractures that traumatic experience creates in a person. 

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I have loved reading ever since my mother read me Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairieat two years of age; I have been addicted to writing ever since I heard my first adjective rich sentence read to me and tried to emulate it.  I have been, since the first word I ever uttered, fascinated with all things grammar and linguistic–how they roll of the tongue, bleed onto a page, and drum out in taps onto a computer screen.  I feel honored and blessed to have this opportunity to write out into the cyber abyss and am forever grateful for every person who stumbles upon this blog and takes a little time with my words and I. 

I am constantly trying to become a more and more well-versed meditator, yogini, spiritually-centered and calm individual with every breath–it is a very complex process of two steps forward and many more back, but such is life as a whole.  I keep reminding myself along with my clients to breathe.  The longer I work on breath the more I realize it may be one of the most complex functions of the human mind, body, and spirit.  Any blocks or pain or anxieties halt our breath and freeze our body–yoga is the one thing I have found that shake those blocks free in a visceral way and teach us to breathe, teaches me to breathe, and breathe in life deeper every day.

I am also a personal survivor of trauma and a current sufferer from chronic illness by way of endometriosis.  These elements of my life touch on and influence my approach to holistic healing and my visceral experience of the power of complementary therapies.  I have found that some of the most personally healing experiences in my life have been those that invigorated my sense of self, revitalized my own sense of empowerment, and gave me creative and sensorial ways to get in touch with myself. 

My experiences as a yoga practicitioner, contempative, survivor of emotional and physically painful experience, and a person living with endometriosis, as well as my practice as a trauma therapist informs all of my life and infuses all of this blog with pieces of me and  my story.  My greatest wish is that in sharing these stories, experiences, and viewpoints of my life I can bring to light things that can help others heal and deal with their own “stuff”, speak for those that cannot, and bring out ways of thinking and ways of living that may be of use to someone else on their journeys of self exploration.

In my everyday life I adore time spent with my dogs–whether it be cuddling on the couch or watching them spastically learn to swim in the cool Floridian waters.  And I never feel more relaxed than nights spent home on the couch with my husband watching any movie we haven’t already collected in our ridiculously large filmic library. 

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There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.

Aldous Huxley 

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